Tuesday, November 11, 2008

today's the day!

hello all,

i woke up way too early today, sort of like you would being a kid and knowing that you were waking up to your your birthday. well, today is the day our second record is finally out and i feel sort of excited in that same birthday way.
soon i'm going to run to amoeba here in san francisco to see if the record really exists. finally hold a copy. possibly buy one.

i've done some google-ing and found a whole bunch of nice words about the album. had i known it would be this smooth it might not have taken us three years to make a sequel...


"A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night is as good as indie rock gets in the late 2000s"
the allmusic blog: http://blog.allmusic.com/2008/11/10/love-is-all-a-hundred-things-keep-me-up-at-night/

4/5 blender:

8/10 popmatters:

"Agoraphobia rarely sounds this much fun"
la times: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2008/11/album-review-lo.html

3.5/5 spin:

artist of the day in spin:

"They’re a perfect Scandinavian house party band with their jumpy all-at-the-same-time production"

oh, and this guy really can't stand us:
"This is annoying, generic, insipid "rock music" at its worst. To call this band incredibly annoying would be an understatement. They're an earsore."

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darkness said...

congrats, you got a bad review from a pro wrestling fansite!