Wednesday, September 17, 2008

European cars hate love is all!

Hi, just a quick update to tell you about our horribly unlucky (but still pretty damn fantastic!) european tour.

Right now we're in Milano in Italy. A couple of minutes ago our rental van broke down right outside the venue so we had to push it into a parking space.

That is our SECOND rental van. We had to rent a new one in Münster, Germany after that one had broken down. And we had to push that van up to enough speed so it would jump over a curb! Wyatt had the time of his life flying that van.

So, the next day we got a new van. And drove to Switzerland. The morning after our second show there in Aarau the new van refused to start. So once again we had to push it to get it going.

In Zürich we finally got the car fixed. Happy and ready for some italian sun we reached Ravenna and had some amazing food and good times. Played on a beach and partied like it was 199999.

And here we are in Milano with car trouble again! Last show of the tour at the awesome venue Rocket.
And once again we're gonna have to speak with the rental company and probably a non-english (or pretty much any other language) -speaking mechanic.

We'll tell you more when (or if) we get home. Show you some pictures and let you in on all the details!

In other news pitchfork is streaming one of the songs from the new album:


/Åke is all