Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Pitchfork says 'Nine Times That Same Song' is the 139th best album of the decade.


This is how they put it:

Quick to fall in and out of love, and with a bit of an obsessive streak, the shouty Swedish-pop five-piece both suited and deserved their instant crit slobber. What's more remarkable is how Nine Times That Same Song has endured and even thrived where so many similarly lauded contemporaries have begun to sound-- well, not "fresh and young" anymore. From the cowbell-clattering "one more time" dance-skronk of "Talk Talk Talk Talk" to the smoldering alt-ballad TV confessional of "Trying Too Hard", Love Is All had the funny, affecting, tellingly detailed songs to render comparisons to Life Without Buildings, X-Ray Spex, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all but irrelevant; along with its lo-fi elbow grease, that 10-times-great-songs spirit gives 9 Times common cause with a resurgent Slumberland's latter-decade roster. Not falling out means never having to make up.--Marc Hogan