Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hello everyone,
a while back we had some time to kill so we decided to do something different; namely record a bunch of covers of some of our favourite swedish classics. songs by tant strul, bob hund, di leva, philemon arthur and the dung and magnus uggla.

just like we did for our first cover ep we decided that each member would pick a song with no other member getting a say in the matter. we recorded them all in a hurry at our space, just to avoid things getting too complicated...

we've screen printed 200 sleeves here in my kitchen and will include a small fanzine in the little cdr package we will bring to our upcoming shows in europe. but, since a lot of you don't live anywhere near those venues we decided to give the songs away as well. so, HERE you go. feel free to spread and share as you wish. we really hope you like them.

also, we will be back for a few shows in the usa this summer, if all goes well. we are currently trying to decide on which great american classics might receive the love is all mistreatment. please feel free to write us with suggestions.

'til then,
josephine/love is all