Monday, June 9, 2008

The show at Cakeshop, NYC, June 12th


The Cakeshop have asked us to let you know the following: you need to rsvp with your name to Limit two
tickets per person (and you still have to pay at the door).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We are playing some songs, mostly new ones, on P3 Live Session tonight, 9.30 PM Central European Time... if you can't find it on the FM, check out this website!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

US update from the new guy...

Hey, Åke here! (the new guy...)
So ok, the visa thing worked out, so we're set and ready to go west!
I get there on friday, ready to get in a cab as soon as possible to go to the knitting factory where I'll be doing a solo show opening for the incomparable Gary Wilson.
(Of course the new guy promotes himself with his first blog entry...)

After that we have a couple of days to hang out in new york and get ready and PUMPED for our shows. First up is Otto bar in Baltimore on the 10'th.
So it's:

10'th - Otto bar, Baltimore, MD
11'th - Black cat club, Washington DC
12'th - Cake shop, New York, NY
13'th - the Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
14'th - Market hotel, Brooklyn, NY
15'th - Great scott!, Boston, MA
16'th - Bowery ballroom, New York, NY

We're all very excited and judging from last nights rehearsal, it's gonna be good!

We're also bringing our new cover CDR's.
These include five cover songs we recorded a few weeks ago.
We all got to choose one song by another artist that we then recorded in our rehearsal space.

The songs are:

1. Kung-fu on the internet by Lung leg (picked by Josephine)
2. I ran by a Flock of Seagulls (picked by Åke)
3. So far away by Dire Straits (picked by Johan)
4. Golly gosh by Jed Dmochowski (picked by Markus)
5. Darling nikki by Prince (picked by Nicke)

Ok, we'll be back soon with more info and stuff.