Saturday, May 31, 2008

bowery and visas.

so yesterday we all got up at 3.30 am to drive to the american embassy in stockholm in order to get our visas. that meant three hours of sleep. the interviews went fine and our visas will most definitely be approved. but maybe not in time. there's some new system that is delaying everything. markus, who was supposed to leave on tuesday will probably have to reschedule his flight. i'm concerned about mine too, leaving dead early on thursday. i'm so nervous my stomach is turning.
oh, well, fingers crossed everything will work out. the people at the embassy are really helpful and have promised to keep us updated.

i was really supposed to write and let you know that we have another show booked in new york. it's at bowery ballroom. i have never been there, but it sounds huge to me. the tickets are apparently pretty pricey, but we promise to try and make ut up to you. we'll play some extra songs if you want to hear extra songs... and we will sell our merch a little cheaper in case you want to buy some souvenirs. please let us know if there are any special songs you want to hear and we will try to find time to rehearse them.

okay, i think that's all for now. off now for some bbq, beers and wiffle ball in the park.

hopefully see some of you soon.


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