Monday, March 31, 2008

i knew it. i knew we'd be really bad at being frequent with this updating business. it can partly be blamed on us just having had a bit of vacation from all band stuff and from each other. markus went to spain. johan back to his home turf in småland. me, i've been sick with cold all week and haven't really left the house. i have been working tons on the new sleeve though. not sure i'm loving what's been done yet. it's in black and orange, which isn't really my favourite colour combo, but i guess it reminds me of sf giants so it's okay anyways...
next week we're going to oslo to play the novafest. we are very excited about finally playing some shows again. but (maybe more exciting) before oslo i'm going to stockholm to see kelly clarkson play, our friend chris deaner plays drums with her. chris is also in a fantastic drum duo called loudest boom bah yeh, check them out here.

okay, i guess that's all for now. there will soon be some exciting news about more shows posted here, but that will have to wait until i know a little bit more.


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Anonymous said...

i have the bad cold too. sniffle, snuffle. kiss-kiss. keara.