Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the second.

this is what markus looked like most of last night. and the reason for his shame is pretty hilarious:
for the past two months or so he's been working for the swedish national radio P1 at a program called 'mitt i musiken' (which roughly translates to "in the middle of the music" or maybe "what's mine in music".) It's a serious show. yesterday markus had a thing on there about how the new york philharmonic orchestra is going to north korea, which is, needless to say, a big deal. somewhere in this story markus mentioned kim jong-il, only it was typed out properly (Kim Jong-Il), and markus being a little unfocused read out his name Kim Jong the second. It took no more than five minutes for the first email to arrive. and before the day was over plenty more had arrived. there is no doubt this will be the kind of blooper that the staff at P1 will send each other for a moment of hilariousness. kind of like the woman who puked on that game show.
in a pale attempt at comforting markus i told him about the time i heard someone on his show refer to it as "pitt i musiken", which means "dick in the music". not sure it helped.

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